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From Resistance to Resilience: Mastering New Tech as a Team

Today’s technology can help solve many management issues within a hospital system.   It can be tempting to bring on new software to handle an issue,  but it’s not as easy as waving a magic wand to get your team to accept it. Introducing new technology without proper...

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Podcast Feature: Ask the Expert

Podcast Feature: Ask the Expert

In this fascinating conversation, Allen dove into various topics from highlighting the impact of software in healthcare, the importance of the Environmental Services (EVS) side of a health-system, and even got to talk about “EVS Navigator”, a new offering for EVS inspired leaders, meant to help guide them in their EVS healthcare journey.

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EVS Navigator a service of ReadyList

EVS Navigator for EVS Managers

ReadyList is offering two FREE one-to-one coaching sessions for EVS managers who want to develop their leadership skills. We provide tools you can use immediately to lead your team effectively and improve team performance, operational efficiency, and employee morale.

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EVS Management Platform Benefits

Our EVS modules make it easier for you to manage your cleaning staff while increasing efficiency and cutting costs.

better reporting

ReadyList’s EVS Management Platform modules provide easily accessible data for internal and external audits and reporting requests. You will get the most accurate, real-time information in minutes.


Reduce room turnover time by about 7 minutes, which can increase revenue with more procedures performed daily. It also allows you to safely accommodate more patients, which reduces wait times and ensures patients receive prompt, quality care.


Our modules educate and reinforce team members as they clean. This quickly increases the quality of work output, while decreasing the time spent onboarding and training new employees.


A consistently well-maintained hospital suggests to patients that you are dedicated to providing high-quality care in a safe, hygienic environment, which contributes to better scoring.

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