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Introducing our EVS Rapid Service Responder

Gain More Control Over Your Facilities Cleanings

Perfecting room readiness for healthcare

Ensuring clean, safe, and patient ready rooms.

ReadyList transforms how hospital service teams operate, guiding them through best-practices cleaning and room preparation protocols – all on their mobile device.

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ReadyList Strengthens Your Medical Cleaning Efforts

ReadyList’s digital checklists make it easier for your teams to standardize workflows, collect data, and effectively manage resources.

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Increase Productivity

Digital checklists mean less time dealing with paperwork, and more time for cleaning and inspection.

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Gain Control Over Workflows

You will have an up-to-date, high-level view of cleanings throughout the hospital. See what areas were cleaned, when, and by whom—all from a mobile device.

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Lower infection rates increase patient safety and quality of care while reducing your costs.

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Higher scores can improve your hospital’s reputation, increase patient volume, and lead to better reimbursement rates.

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Our Services

EVS Management Built For Your Hospital

ReadyList’s EVS Management Platform streamlines your operational workflows, standardizes responsibilities across your healthcare organization, and can integrate with your EHR system.

EVS Room Care Module

ReadyList’s EVS Room Care Module increases efficiency by providing real-time data on daily, routine cleanings – in addition to discharges – to help you effectively manage capacity and maximize your resources leading to overall cost savings.

EVS Floor Care Module

ReadyList’s EVS Floor Care Module can increase productivity, reduce floor care costs, decrease time spent on training, and contribute to higher HCAHPS scores.

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Who does READYLIST help?

Efficient EVS management does not just improve the work output of your cleaning teams. It positively impacts operations throughout your hospital.

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Hospital Operations

Until now, hospital service teams have missed out on healthcare’s transition to electronic record keeping. With ReadyList, daily work is better accounted for and more easily measured, driving team performance improvements and innovation.

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Surgical Services

Using ReadyList, ORs gain schedule flexibility without sacrificing quality. Automating critical communication processes to reduce operating room turnover time ensures your ORs are ready when your surgeons are.

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Nursing Operations

ReadyList empowers hospital service teams to set up patient rooms per nursing specifications. Minimizing nurse workarounds and enabling nurses to work at the top of their license has a meaningful impact on both patient and staff satisfaction.

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Infection Prevention

ReadyList enables facilities to standardize and update cleaning processes, ensuring the most current infection prevention protocols are followed. Access to metrics in line with key performance indicators confirm compliance with patient safety goals and regulatory standards.

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EVS Navigator for EVS Managers

ReadyList is offering two FREE one-to-one coaching sessions for EVS managers who want to develop their leadership skills. We provide tools you can use immediately to lead your team effectively and improve team performance, operational efficiency, and employee morale.

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