ReadyList Surgical

ReadyList can help with your ORs’ unique challenges:

Patient Safety

ReadyList supports infection prevention by standardizing critical OR cleaning and preparation protocols, ensuring consistency and quality with every room turnover. Think of ReadyList as a 'time out' for the surgical environment.


Even one more surgical procedure each month can add significant revenue for a health system. With ReadyList, communication is automated across anesthesia and equipment technicians and cleaners to optimize OR turnover, significantly improving schedule flexibility.


OR time is a valuable commodity, and ReadyList helps maximize it. OR support teams are digitally connected with standardized, smart checklists, so room turnover and setup are done properly—and more quickly— providing additional revenue opportunities.

“ReadyList is easy to use and paperless. My anesthesia technicians have clear assignments and account for their work daily, keeping our ORs safe and compliant.”

– Anesthesia Support Supervisor at a Top 10 Academic Medical Center

  • ReadyList Surgical Features:
  • Drive team accountability for anesthesia, equipment, and environmental services technicians
  • Track OR turnover activities
  • Record additional work required throughout a shift
  • Maintain employee work assignments and break coverage
  • Call services teams to the OR immediately upon "wheels out"
  • Guarantee your ORs are 100% case-ready for surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nursing teams

Anesthesia Tech OR Checklist:

Anesthesia technicians have many responsibilities that are critical to the smooth and safe operation of the OR. Streamline daily tasks with this checklist.

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