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4 Traits to Look for in a Great EVS Hire

June 21, 2024

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Effective recruiting and hiring is an essential skill for any business leader, particularly in the medical field where patient safety is critical. The Environmental Services (EVS) department is tasked with ensuring an infection-free environment, so hiring the right staff is especially important for EVS leaders.

This blog will examine four critical qualities to look for when hiring EVS employees, to help focus recruiting efforts and bolster hiring confidence.

1 – Attention to detail

The chief responsibility of the EVS department is maintaining a clean environment. To do so, each employee must rigidly follow cleaning protocols, to prevent infection and protect patients. Every room must be cleaned thoroughly according to outlined standards, every time it is cleaned. Attention to detail is therefore one of the most important qualities to look for when hiring new EVS staff.

EVS employees must understand their responsibility in keeping patients safe, as hospital-acquired infections can lead to patient deaths. Look for recruits with a proven history of following strict procedures and paying attention to every small detail.

2 – Hardworking

Organizations today are extremely cost conscious, and many departments are experiencing budget cuts and staffing reductions. Highly productive employees are essential to an effective EVS department.

When hiring EVS staff, look for candidates who are hardworking by nature and have demonstrated a history of high productivity. Thorough cleaning is hard work, so you need people you can rely on to complete these tough tasks every day.

3 – Service mentality 

Beyond cleaning thoroughly and staying highly productive, EVS staff must be friendly to patients and embody a service mentality. Though their primary duty is to maintain a clean environment, EVS employees are patient-facing and must act accordingly. Hospitals focus significantly on patient satisfaction scores, which can affect revenue and reimbursement, so every staff member plays an important role in keeping patients happy and comfortable.

Ideal EVS candidates will have a history of successfully serving patients or other customers, along with an overall friendly demeanor.

4 –  Know the “why”

To tie the other three qualities together, the best EVS candidates will understand the “why” behind what they do. Beyond knowing how to follow cleaning protocols and demonstrating hard work and a service mentality, you want a staff member who knows why those traits are so important.

When staff understand the “why,” they work harder, collaborate better and have higher productivity. They aren’t just going through the motions of completing their cleaning tasks. They realize that patient safety depends on EVS cleaning protocols, giving their work a purpose beyond simply checking responsibilities off a list.

New recruits may not know their “why” initially, but look for candidates who understand the purpose in their work, and want to make an impact rather than just earning a paycheck.

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