ReadyList Inpatient

ReadyList answers your hospitals’ challenges:

Patient Safety

ReadyList's smart, integrated checklists ensure that cleaning protocols are followed correctly every time to help prevent infections. Your facility will have an electronic record of every activity, helping increase quality and simplify regulatory compliance.

Nursing Satisfaction

Industry research indicates that nurses spend 12% of their time completing workarounds that are not in their job description. When the entire healthcare team is running efficiently with ReadyList, nurses can prioritize patient care and work to the top of their license.


With ReadyList, the entire healthcare team works together seamlessly across departments to ensure the hospital environment is patient ready. Because support processes and training are standardized, efficiency increases, and clinicians can provide more focused care.

"With ReadyList, we know the exact requirements to correctly prepare a room for a new patient admission. We look good, and nurses no longer need to hunt for missing equipment."

– Environmental Services Director at a Top 10 Academic Medical Center

  • ReadyList Inpatient Features:
  • Link service team activities and improve cross-team communication
  • Order equipment to the room for nursing use
  • Request help from facilities/engineering before a patient arrives
  • Resolve IT support issues immediately
  • Indicate special cleaning procedures performed to reduce hospital-borne infections
  • Begin care more quickly with a 100% nurse ready room!

EVS Job Descriptions:

Hiring can be difficult, especially when there are detailed regulations involved. These three editable EVS job descriptions will help!

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