ReadyList Ambulatory

ReadyList Ambulatory supports every member of your healthcare team:


Clinical practices maximize efficiency with ReadyList by digitizing tasks like temperature recording and QC monitoring. By keeping teams connected in real-time, the application reduces gaps between activities and eliminates manual record keeping.

Patient Safety

Patient safety is always a top priority. With ReadyList, cleaning protocols are followed—and electronically recorded for accountability—to ensure a healthy patient environment. This leads to better infection control and higher patient satisfaction.

Regulatory Compliance

With ReadyList, aggregation of quality and process metrics is done automatically, and data is easily reportable. No more paper logs and no more wondering if your clinical practice is compliant with state and national accreditation standards.

"ReadyList is easy-to-use and paperless. My LVNs and medical assistants have clear assignments and account for their work daily, keeping our clinics safe and compliant."

– Clinical Practice Manager at a Top 10 Academic Medical Center

  • ReadyList Ambulatory Features:
  • Drive team accountability for medical assistants and administrative support
  • Maintain clinic open and close checklists
  • Track exam and procedure room turnover activities
  • Record refrigerator temperatures and corrective action
  • Maintain employee work assignments
  • Guarantee your clinical practice is 100% ready for your clinician teams

How One Practice Supervisor Manages Administrative Duties:

Practice supervisors navigate a critical balancing act. How can you streamline operational responsibilities to maximize time with patients?

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