Healthcare leaders today face a number of challenges, from patient safety to maximizing efficiency. ReadyList’s digital checklists help streamline key operational workflows and standardize essential responsibilities across the healthcare organization. Discover how ReadyList addresses the key challenges hospitals face today.

Key Challenges

Patient Safety
Patient care and safety is always the top concern for healthcare organizations. ReadyList’s web-based application strengthens infection prevention efforts by ensuring cleaning protocols and other critical support processes are completed properly every time. Additionally, ensuring that clinicians are spending their time delivering care - and not on workarounds - minimizes the chance that something will be missed. Finally, ReadyList provides a digital record of every room turnover and operational activity, tracking compliance and improving specific infection prevention initiatives over time.

Clinician Satisfaction
ReadyList increases clinician satisfaction by ensuring operational responsibilities are completed and that the right roles are doing the right work. This allows clinicians to practice to the top of their licensure by concentrating on delivery of excellent patient care.

Our healthcare technology solution standardizes processes by keeping your entire team connected, so critical tasks are completed consistently across the enterprise and quality initiatives supported. For example, ReadyList streamlines turnover protocols in surgery to maximize OR flexibility and increase procedure revenue.

ROI from ReadyList

Improved infection prevention saves lives and money.

Each hospital-acquired C.Diff infection brings with it $42,316 in non-reimbursable costs.

Streamline turnover protocols to maximize valuable OR time.

Reduce an average turnover by 5 minutes to add 4 cases per week and grow revenue by $374,400 per year.

Improved clinician satisfaction keeps nurses on the job.

In 2016, nurse turnover was 14.6% with an average cost of $49,300 to recruit and train a new nurse.