ReadyList for Clinics® product introduced at AAACN 2017

As a proud corporate sponsor of the American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing (AAACN), we are excited to introduce our newest product, ReadyList for Clinics®, at the association’s May 2017 conference in New Orleans.

ReadyList for Clinics® is productivity software for clinical support teams.
High-performing clinical support teams are life-savers for clinicians working in our ambulatory practices. We rely heavily on our teams of medical assistants, LVNs-LPNs, and front and back office staff. With ReadyList, clinical support teams have clear assignments, account for their work daily, and efficiently maintain clinic environments that are safe and compliant. Move off of paper and onto electronic checklists and task assignments.

ReadyList covers what your EHR cannot.
You can use ReadyList to manage:
* Clinic open and close checklists
* Equipment safety and supply expiration checks
* Temperature and QC logs
* Exam and procedure room turnover times
* Monthly regulatory audits
* Employee work goals and outcomes
* Downtime work
* Performance improvement across practices

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