“We use ReadyList to streamline bed turnover activities and more quickly prepare a patient room that is 100% nurse-ready. My nurses used to look for infusion pumps like they were on a scavenger hunt. Now, they spend that time practicing nursing.”

– RN & Vice President Operations

at a Top 10 Academic Medical Center

The Challenge

Industry research indicates that nurses spend 12% of their time completing workarounds that are not in their job description. This adds up to one hour spent on workarounds during each eight-hour shift.

When patient rooms are not properly prepared, nurses cannot do their jobs:

  • Non-standard cleaning protocols
  • Insufficient equipment for use
  • Variable, disconnected operations
  • Reactive room set-up procedures
  • Limited departmental metrics
  • Suboptimal relations with support service teams
  • Nursing suffers the consequences

Learn more about how the lack of interconnectedness in clinical environments affects nurse-ready rooms


The Solution

Nurse-ready patient rooms are properly cleaned and staged with patient-specific equipment and supplies so nurses can stop preparing for patients and start caring for them. This operational model positively impacts nursing satisfaction with each new patient admission.

ReadyList’s Guide to Establishing Nurse-Ready Patient Rooms


Characteristics of a nurse-ready patient room:

  • Best-practice cleaning guaranteed
  • The right equipment is always available
  • Lean-standardized operations
  • Proactive room set-up procedure
  • Real-time operating metrics
  • Strong partnership with support service teams
  • Nursing peace of mind!

A Case Study

When opening its new children’s hospital, leadership at a Top 10 Academic Medical Center demanded workflows that made it easy for clinicians to extend excellent patient care. To implement the nurse-ready room model, they instituted work groups with representatives from Nursing, Environmental Services, and Material Services-Central Supply.

The collaborative uncovered a myriad of challenges, then designed an interconnected set of workflows to prepare rooms that are always ready for patient care. The result was a nurse-ready room model, built on ReadyList's Inpatient solution, that enables the entire healthcare team to better communicate and run efficiently.

Read the full case study here:


Learn How

Learn how to implement the nurse-ready patient room model at your medical center in this three-part educational video series from ReadyList CEO, Brian Herriot, a recognized expert in hospital operations. Each video is less than 10 minutes.

What is a nurse-ready room?

Who prepares a nurse-ready room, and what are the main challenges?

How does “nurse-ready” work in practice? A use case.

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