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EVS on the frontline of infection prevention

Aiming for effectiveness, efficiency, consistency. The Environmental Services (EVS) Department is as critical to a healthcare facility’s survival as rainfall is to the health of a forest. If the mission is to prevent infectious outbreaks, uphold patient safety, improve customer satisfaction, and keep reimbursements flowing, then smart providers know they need strong, capable EVS departments […]

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Top 5 issues facing CNOs

As we approach the start of National Nurses Week, it’s once again time to commend the work of those in the nursing community for all they do to improve the health of communities across the world. With more than 3 million members, nurses represent the largest segment of the healthcare workforce. Leading the way for […]

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The Checklist – Atul Gawande

…”The team had its first success with the checklist in place—the rescue of the three-year-old girl. Not long afterward, Thalmann left to take a job at a hospital in Vienna. The team, however, was able to make at least two other such rescues, he said. In one case, a man was found frozen and pulseless […]

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Four Basics for Creating a Safer Health Care Facility

There was a time when hospital executives and board members could ignore the what-fors and how-tos of maintaining a clean, safe and inviting facility. With so many other urgent issues to deal with on a daily basis, it was a relief to leave those details up to your facilities managers and environmental services staff. But […]

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Expert Perspectives: Beyond Clinical Quality

Clinical quality. There’s no topic more important to those who work in health care, so it’s no surprise that we (The Advisory Board Company) struggled to pick just 10 articles for this issue of Expert Perspectives. In the end, we settled on a great mix of insights from our researchers, data scientists, and members. Download […]

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