ReadyList began as the answer to a simple question: How can clinicians spend more time with their patients? Brian Herriot, ReadyList’s founder, sought to answer this challenge during his time establishing operations for a new medical center campus at the University of California San Francisco.

The goal was a solution that could guarantee the clinical environment would be 100% ready for excellent patient care—no incomplete tasks, no workarounds, no delay in room turnover. Using input from clinicians around the country, ReadyList was born, in the form of a series of integrated, electronic readiness checklists, or ‘ready lists’.

Today, ReadyList is the premier solution for ensuring fully operational clinical environments, from inpatient rooms and ORs to clinical practices. The company mission to help clinicians dedicate more time to their patients persists.


Allen Cooper,
Chief Executive Officer / Co-Founder

Empowers clients by extending technology to make their lives easier. Extremist in living life, grounded by his loving family.

Anson Daine,
Vice President, Product Management & Implementation / Co-Founder

Registered nurse, client specialist. Podcast enthusiast, avid electric unicycle rider, eagle scout, and former tree house resident.

Brian Herriot,

Hospital operations expert. Child chauffeur and TV connoisseur.


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