Infection Prevention, EVS, and Nursing partner to reduce HAI infection rates

I enjoyed reading this wonderful success story describing LifePoint Health‘s journey to significantly reduce its C. Diff and MDRO HAI infection rates.

Some lessons from the article:
* Standardized cleaning tasks and inspection checks are paramount
* Education is more than just training; EVS staff must understand why cleaning per protocol matters
* A true partnership among Infection Prevention, EVS, and Nursing departments is required
* There is no silver bullet to HAI infection reduction
* True reduction efforts take years to create meaningful, sustainable changes

Where are you on your journey?

Link to the Infection Control Today article here.

We’re back at APIC, this time in Portland!

APIC welcomed us back with open arms in Portland on June 14, 15, and 16. We met a lot of great people, many of whom visited us last year at our first ever conference, APIC2016 in Charlotte. It was great reflecting on how far we’ve come as a company. This year, we were able to demo 3 modules: ReadyList for EVS®, ReadyList for OR®, and ReadyList for Clinics®.  That’s 3X the # of modules available just one year ago. Sign up as a member of the ReadyList Community (link), and follow us on our journey into next year. Who knows where we’ll be then? I hope you are enjoying a great summer!

ReadyList for Clinics® product introduced at AAACN 2017

As a proud corporate sponsor of the American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing (AAACN), we are excited to introduce our newest product, ReadyList for Clinics®, at the association’s May 2017 conference in New Orleans.

ReadyList for Clinics® is productivity software for clinical support teams.
High-performing clinical support teams are life-savers for clinicians working in our ambulatory practices. We rely heavily on our teams of medical assistants, LVNs-LPNs, and front and back office staff. With ReadyList, clinical support teams have clear assignments, account for their work daily, and efficiently maintain clinic environments that are safe and compliant. Move off of paper and onto electronic checklists and task assignments.

ReadyList covers what your EHR cannot.
You can use ReadyList to manage:
* Clinic open and close checklists
* Equipment safety and supply expiration checks
* Temperature and QC logs
* Exam and procedure room turnover times
* Monthly regulatory audits
* Employee work goals and outcomes
* Downtime work
* Performance improvement across practices

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ReadyList automates C. difficile compliance reporting

To combat rising C. difficile infection rates in their medical center, Infection Prevention and Environment Services (EVS) departments from one ReadyList client implemented a strict two-cleaning protocol. Known as “C-2 cleaning”, any room housing a patient known or suspected to be infected with C.diff must be cleaned two times per day, once on first shift and again on second shift.

Then, the medical center enlisted the help of ReadyList to automate the process!

Fortunately, daily cleans were already being recorded in ReadyList. However, we did upgrade our product to enable a new tagging feature. Now, EVS technicians tag their first and second “daily cleans” of the day within ReadyList.

The specific instruction for EVS technicians is to:
1) identify the patient room as a C. diff room using door signage
2) perform a daily clean on the room, and before “submitting” the clean in ReadyList, click the tag to match the techs shift. If a first shift clean, click the “C2-1st” tag. If a second shift clean, click the “C2-2nd” tag.

Supervisors then monitor unit-specific dashboards during second shift to ensure that the C-2 two-cleaning protocol has been met for all patient rooms each day. Monthly, reports are automatically generated, then assessed by EVS and Infection Prevention departmental leadership.

For additional information on the C-2 C. difficile two-cleaning protocol or to learn more about how ReadyList can help you automate such a protocol, please contact us.

We have new OR and Clinic module explainer videos

We are excited to release our newest explainer videos today!

>Check out our ReadyList for OR® video:

>Check out our ReadyList for Clinics® video:

Making OR assignments just got easier

At ReadyList, we design our software to be easy to use by taking feedback from our clients. You shared ideas for making assignment creation even more efficient!

>First, it was “copy forward” buttons to replicate entire assignments from the previous day, week, or any date you choose.
>Then, you suggested single click-to-move feature to add employee, rooms, and tasks more quickly than simple drag-and-drop.
>And now, together, we identified “room groups” and “task groups” to associate groups of rooms and tasks commonly assigned as a set.

Together, these product updates have made assignment creation for supervisors 80% more efficient. And that translates into real time savings. At one client, a schedule that once took 5 minutes to produce now takes just a literal minute.

Let us know how we can improve our products for you!

Cancer Center goes live on ReadyList for Clinics on Dec 14

We welcome the UCSF Cancer Center to the ReadyList community. On Dec 14, these Cancer Center clinical practices went live on ReadyList for Clinics: Colorectal Surgery, Gastrointestinal Surgery and Oncology, Gynecologic Oncology, Head and Neck Surgery, Orthopedic Surgical Oncology, and Urologic Surgery and Oncology.
ReadyList for Clinics serves as a complement to the cancer practice’s EHR software, helping support staff manage their physical space. ReadyList records work done against daily open and close activities, temperature monitoring, supply expiration checks and monthly audits.
We are excited to debut this latest product in the ReadyList suite at the upcoming American Academy of Ambulatory Nursing (AAACN) conference in New Orleans in May 2017. More to come…

We are thankful for hard-working healthcare support teams

“Software for healthcare’s hardest working teams” is more than just ReadyList’s tagline. Our company culture has great respect for employees at all levels of a healthcare organization. As we see it, healthcare workers in supporting roles: the EVS technicians, the anesthesia techs, the front desk staff, and the medical assistants do the heavy-lifting so that clinicians and providers can successfully care for patients. We are proud to serve these employees with our products: ReadyList for EVS, ReadyList for OR, and soon-to-be-released ReadyList for Clinics.
This month, we present the stories of two EVS technicians who go above and beyond in their work every day! Take a moment this Thanksgiving to say thank you to someone who has helped you.

Debuting ReadyList for OR at the 2016 ASATT Conference in Chicago

The 2016 ASATT conference was our favorite conference of the year. ASATT is the Association for Anesthesia Technicians and Technologists. ASATT was our smallest conference of the year, and the ReadyList team had an opportunity to spend more time with attendees. We were able to demo our ReadyList for OR product at the welcome reception as well as at breaks throughout the next two days of the conference. It’s always better to do a software demo with food and drink in hand! We met great people from the University of Michigan, OSU/ Wexner, University of Colorado, the Carilion Clinic, and more. We look forward to working with these wonderful teams of anesthesia technicians and technologists. The ASATT conference staff was particularly kind, and we recommend this conference whole-heartedly to anyone who is considering attending.

A busy 2016 AHE Conference in Pittsburgh!

What a beautiful city! Held this year in Pittsburgh, this was our first Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE) conference, and it was a great one. We met some wonderful EVS professionals from UC-San Diego, Maine Medical Center, and Mayo Clinic among others. There was great excitement for our EVS product which is still relatively new to the marketplace. Those was saw our software were impressed, and also offered great feedback. It seems as though a ReadyList module dedicated to floor care is in our future…